Tips for Packing Up Fragile Items for a House Move

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Tips for Packing Up Fragile Items for a House Move

25 May 2016
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Not many people relish the thought of preparing for a house move; packing up and transporting every single item you own can be both stressful and time-consuming. This is especially true for those who own a great deal of fragile goods, as extra care needs to be taken with these to protect them from damage during the moving process. There are however steps which can be taken to make this experience a little easier.

Stock up on supplies

There's nothing quite as frustrating as realising that you don't have the correct packing supplies for a particular item the day before you're due to move. To save yourself from this stress-inducing ordeal, make sure that you purchase all of the things that you'll need in advance. This should include masking tape, scissors, bubble wrap, newspaper or packing tissue paper, flexible cardboard, 'fragile' stickers, and moving boxes; in regards to the latter, try to purchase the highest-quality brand you can afford. This is not a product on which you should scrimp, as a poorly-made box will not provide your more delicate possessions with the same protection as a robust box will. Look for ones that are double-corrugated, as these are designed specifically for transporting fragile goods.

Invest in a removals service

If you own a lot of breakable items, it may be worth using a removals service. Removalists know exactly how to carry, manoeuvre and position boxes to avoid any kind of damage. The same cannot be said of well-intentioned family and friends who want to help you move; because they lack the necessary know-how, they could very easily handle a box too roughly or knock it into a wall and thereby destroy a fragile, irreplaceable item.

Position your belongings carefully

When it comes to packing things like mirrors, glasses, dishware and other breakables, most people know that these items need to be wrapped individually in newspaper or bubble-wrap. However, the way in which they're placed inside a box will also be a determining factor in whether or not they reach their destination in one piece. Ideally, the heaviest things should be placed at the bottom of a box and the lightest on top, with extra bubble-wrap in between each layer (this will serve as additional padding).  Any gaps that remain after the box is fully packed should also be filled in with newspaper or tissue, to create a solid internal structure that will reduce the likelihood of the items moving during transport. 

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