The Safest Way To Pack Your Prized Posessions

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The Safest Way To Pack Your Prized Posessions

6 October 2016
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Moving home is stressful enough all by itself without having to worry about whether or not all your possessions are going to make the trip intact. If you own something that's both highly delicate and also highly important to you, you're probably wondering how to pack it safely so that the removalists can transport it with ease--so read on to find out.

Mirrors and Glass Panels

Anything large, flat and brittle needs something against the delicate surface to protect it from bangs and knocks. Buy some packing foam and use the foam to cover the glass entirely: a panel can simply be wrapped up in the foam, but for a mirror with a protruding frame, you'll need to cut the foam to size so that the foam sits against the glass itself. Once the foam is in place you can wrap the entire object in bubble wrap and secure it with FRAGILE tape so your movers know they need to take extra care.

Vases, Plates and Other Pottery

Pottery is usually hardier than glass, but it's important to cushion each individual piece--such as every plate in a set, or both a jar and its lid separately--to ensure that pieces don't damage each other in transit. You also need to be sure that the box they're in won't be handled carelessly or have heavy things stacked on top of it. This is easily achieved by wrapping the items up in packing foam, putting them all in the same box and marking that box with red and white FRAGILE tape.

Computers, Televisions and Stereos 

Electrical equipment needs to be protected against moisture first and foremost, so be sure to cover it all in decently thick plastic if there's any chance that your items might be carried through an outside area in even the slightest rain. Packing foam cut to size as you would for a mirror is a good idea to cover large screens, but other than that, simply wrapping everything in bubble wrap or packing foam and securing it with tape should be sufficient.

Musical Instruments

Large musical instruments such as pianos and organs require a specialist removals firm: their needs are unique, and they should only be moved by people with the right training. Smaller instruments can go in the van with everything else, but it's a good idea to keep them separate from your other belongings to keep them from falling over during the journey. Ask your removalists if they mind letting your guitar, mandolin, violin, harp or similar instrument travel in the front seat of the van.

For more packing advice, contact a removalist service.