4 Moving Services You Might Not Know You Can Get From Your Removalist

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4 Moving Services You Might Not Know You Can Get From Your Removalist

26 January 2017
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When most people think about moving, all they think about is having their items loaded into a truck and offloaded at the destination. This is just but one of the ways one can move. Valet moving services offer a more professional removal experience loaded with lots of tailored services. Most people do not even know that these services are available from some removalists. Below, see what these services are. 

Trash removal

Any time you're undertaking a move, there will be lots of rubbish generated. Most of this rubbish is unwanted trash that you do not want to move with to the next location. It includes damaged furniture, damaged electronic appliances, old mattresses, old clothes, etc. Some removalists can offer trash removal services during your move. This means that as the move unfolds, they will also have a separate team loading up your trash and carting it away. This way, a mound of trash is not left scattered all over the property once you're gone.

Skip bin supply

Some removalists can also provide you with a skip bin during your move. A skip bin allows you to remove your rubbish at this time without trashing the premises. In most cases, the skip bin is delivered to your premises a week before the move. This accords you enough time to start getting rid of anything you do not wish to carry with you during the removal. After the removal, the removalists will collect the skip bin and have the contents recycled or dumped at a landfill site. 

Unpacking & house arrangement 

Another valet service that you could enjoy from your removalists during the move is unpacking and sometimes even house arrangement. Here, a team of well-trained staff will open your well-marked boxes and start putting everything in its right position. This includes setting up the beds, installing the bedding, installing curtains, laying down carpets, putting cookware units where they belong in the kitchen, installing the TV and home theatre system, etc. 


You can also enjoy a cleaning service from some removalists. You can have the house you're moving from cleaned in order to leave it in pristine condition. You can also have the house you're moving into cleaned as well. This is done after the move, during the unpacking process. This will entail cleaning tiled floors, wiping and polishing timber floors, vacuuming carpets, wiping down shelves and fixtures, cleaning all surfaces and countertops, cleaning the toilets and bathrooms, etc. 

If you think your move could benefit from any of these services, ask your removalist about valet services. Note that not all removalists may be able to offer all the valet services listed here.