Keep Your Bike Collection Safe By Using Self-Storage

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Keep Your Bike Collection Safe By Using Self-Storage

27 February 2017
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These days, cycling has never been more popular. Unfortunately, thieves have also sought to use cycling's popularity as a means to make money by stealing bikes and selling them. Cycle theft is viewed by criminals as a low-risk, high-reward crime, with some bikes fetching over £5,000 depending upon the make, frame and what extras have been added. Because of the value of these machines, many people who are keen cyclists also accumulate a collection of bikes as an investment.

So how can you foil would-be bike thieves and keep your collection of bikes safe?

Have your bike security marked

Most police forces offer a free bike marking and registration service. Your bike will be clearly marked as an effective deterrent to thieves. If a thief is caught in possession of a bike that's registered, the owner can be traced and the thief will be arrested.

Keep details of your bike

Take a photo of your bike and write down the frame number and any registration or marking details. This will help the police to quickly circulate details of your bike should it be stolen.

Bike locks

Always use two different types of lock for your bike and fit them prior to the bike being put on the removal van. The best locks are more expensive, but it's worth the investment to protect your property. The harder and more time-consuming you can make it for thieves to strike, the less likely they are to bother with your bike.

Secure storage

If you're concerned that your bike could be targeted and stolen from your home, why not consider renting a small, secure self-storage unit? You could place your bike collection in the secure unit, taking one bike home at a time when you want to use it. Self-storage facilities have 24/7 surveillance and are just about the safest place for your bikes to reside.

Safety at home

Bikes are just as frequently stolen from communal hallways, sheds and gardens as they are from public areas. Apply the same care when locking your bike up at your home as you would if you were leaving it in a public place.

Stop thief!

If your bike is stolen, always contact the police immediately.  Make sure you have your frame number, registration number, photos and any other information about your bike to give to them.

Don't make life easy for bike thieves.  Take these simple precautions to keep your property safe.