Packing Your Electronics Before You Move

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Packing Your Electronics Before You Move

26 September 2018
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As opposed to family pictures and sophisticated antiques, electronics might not seem important to need special care when storing your items. While it is true that TV sets, laptops, and gaming consoles come with plastic cases to protect them from getting damaged, cold, heat, dust and humidity are many factors that can cause havoc on electronic parts. Therefore, electronics also need to be packed and stored well, especially when you are moving to a new place with removalists. This article contains information on how to pack and store your electronics before you move.

Prepare for the move

Before you pack your electronics, you should, first of all, remove batteries from the accessories and remotes, as corrosion can damage electronic parts. Also, check whether there are removable media such as game cartridges, CDs, or DVDs in the unit because these components can easily deform if left inside the machine for a long time. Lastly, disconnect any cables and other peripherals from your laptop or PC. Note that metal to metal contact can cause serious issues to your machine.

Back up your PC hard drives

Backup all the information on your computer such as system drives as well as any other crucial data that you haven't stored online or in another location. There are different ways to back up your data, choose the most economical and straightforward method.

Pack your items properly

One of the easiest ways to move electronics is by putting them in boxes you purchased them with. If you don't know where you kept the boxes, you can purchase some strong cardboard boxes where you can pack in your devices. Once you are done with the packing, pour in a substantial amount of foam peanuts to cushion the equipment. LCDs and flat-screen TVs should be wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap to prevent particles from penetrating inside them, and cushion from damage.

Wrap massive items in protective blankets

If you have a larger plasma TV, it is not easy to find a box to put inside. In this case, you can wrap the machine with a thick blanket, and position them upright when transporting them to your new place.

Place tags on your items or label them

If you must pack your electronics in different boxes, it is good if you label each of them so that you can retrieve them easily. Also, you should tag your cables, especially those that connect to different parts to each other.