Know When the Stumps Underneath Your Feet Are Failing and Act Fast

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Know When the Stumps Underneath Your Feet Are Failing and Act Fast

22 July 2019
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Many people spend the happiest moments and most peaceful time of their lives in their homes. A home should be a functional, comfortable, cosy and beautiful place, but this won't happen if the stumps underneath are deteriorated. The stumps often get weak due to inevitable natural forces. If you are moving to another house, find out whether the underneath stumps of that house are in good condition so that you don't compromise your safety. Get professional restumping services if the stumps of the new house are weak. How do you tell if the house you are moving to needs restumping services? Look for the following signs:

Sagging Floors and Cracking Walls

You should be worried if your floor is sagging. It's a problem you shouldn't overlook if you want your property to be stable for a long time. Call in professionals to inspect the joists and bearers for deflection, among other issues. Do you feel your house moving? This tells you that its stumps have deteriorated and restumping services are urgent. Don't ignore that slight house movement since it will eventually cause serious structural damage. Do you see tiling, plasterwork or cracks in your walls? The tune is the same -- the underneath stumps are in bad shape and require professional restumping services.

Doors and Windows No Longer Close Easily

Most people don't know that the condition of the stumps underneath the house determines how smoothly the windows and doors close. They become hard to close as the stumps deteriorate. Most homeowners will not associate the problem with weak or deteriorated stumps if the windows and doors were closing well before. Any problem with the foundation of any house will affect the functionality of its various components. Contact restumping experts to find out what's wrong with the stumps.

Sloping Floors

Something doesn't add up on your basement if the floors are uneven. Sloping floors indicate that the foundation has some issues to fix. The floors of the house slope when downward pressure gets to the weakened house stumps. It's hard to notice a sloping floor with your eyes; however, you know the floor isn't properly levelled if objects roll along it without a push. Contact a restumping expert to assess how sloppy the house floors are and discover how the problem should be fixed.

If a professional home inspector recommends restumping in their reports, take it with the seriousness it deserves. A home without strong foundations isn't secure for you or your family. The visible structural damage indicates that the stumps underneath are failing. The house will eventually collapse completely if the above signs are ignored for a long time. Look for a reliable restumping service provider to maintain the integrity of your foundations and enhance the safety of those living in your house.