Two Tips to Follow if You're Giving a Friend Who's Moving a Gift Voucher for a Removals Service

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Two Tips to Follow if You're Giving a Friend Who's Moving a Gift Voucher for a Removals Service

18 November 2020
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Giving a friend who's moving a voucher for a removals service is a really fantastic gift, especially if their house move has left them with very little cash to spare. Here are some tips to remember if you decide to give a gift like this.

Let them pick the removals company

Whilst you might like the idea of surprising your friend with this gift voucher for a particular removals company, it might be better to tell them that you want to give them this gift and then let them select a removals company themselves. Different removals companies provide slightly different services, and your friend may have certain requirements that they need their chosen company to meet so that their house move goes well.

For example, not all removalists offer packing services, and if your friend will be too busy to pack their own things, they'll need a removalist who can perform this job for them. Similarly, if they have any belongings that are very fragile or expensive (like a grand piano, for example), they may need a removalist who knows how to handle, load and unload these types of items.

As such, to ensure your friend is able to actually make use of the voucher you purchase for them, it's best to let them know you want to give it to them so that they have the chance to choose their own removalist.

Ensure that they know you're around to help too

There is a possibility that, when your friend receives their gift voucher, they may assume that this is your (kind) way of saying that you'll be unable to help them out yourself when they move. If this isn't actually the case and you know that, even with the support of the removalist, they're going to find moving house quite tough, you should let them know that you're available to help with any tasks the removalist cannot do.

You could also help them by putting together some supplies that they'll need for their first day in their new house; for example, you could create a hamper, consisting of basic items that could easily get lost or stuck at the bottom of some boxes during the move (like a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, tissues and soap) as well as some luxury versions of their favourite types of tea, wine and chocolates. This will ensure that they can take a relaxing shower and then indulge in a few treats when they're finished moving and need to unwind.