Two Common Furniture Removal Mistakes People Often Make

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Two Common Furniture Removal Mistakes People Often Make

27 April 2021
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Here are two common furniture removal mistakes people make.

They use their furniture to store household items that could damage it

Many people use their furniture to store other household items that they also need to move. They might, for example, put kitchenware into their desks' drawers, or paperbacks inside their bedside table's cabinet. Whilst this is quite a sensible way to save space in the removals van, it can cause problems if people use their furniture to store items that could damage that furniture.

For example, if a person stows a half-used tin of paint in their wardrobe, and the tin's lid falls off whilst the furniture removalists are carrying the wardrobe, the paint could coat the wardrobe's interior, as well as any other goods the person had stowed inside it. Likewise, if a person puts their loose cutlery in their desk drawer, the knives and forks could get tossed around inside the drawer as the desk is being carried, and this sharp cutlery could leave scratches all over the drawer's interior.

As such, it's important for people to think about the pitfalls of storing certain items in their furniture, and to either use boxes for these items instead, or take precautions before putting them into their furniture (such as, for example, taping the paint tin's lid so it won't budge, or wrapping their bundles of cutlery in a towel before placing them inside the desk drawer).

They don't give their furniture removals team any exact furniture dimensions

The other mistake people make is not providing their furniture removalists with their furniture's exact dimensions. This can cause all kinds of difficulties when they then move. For example, if a person underestimates the dimensions of their biggest furniture items, then the removalists might not have room for all of these items in their van and might need to make an additional, unplanned trip to get this surplus furniture to that person's new home. This might lead to the customer having to pay a larger moving fee and might lead to the removalists not being on time for their next client.

It could also result in the furniture being too large to be carried through the doorways of that person's new home, which might force the removalists to leave the bigger items in the property's hallways. Given this, those who need to move larger furniture items should measure these items very carefully.

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