How Hard Is It to Move a Piano to Your New Home?

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How Hard Is It to Move a Piano to Your New Home?

21 March 2022
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If you love music and can spend many an enjoyable hour in front of your piano, you will want to take particular care of this instrument at moving time. Yet, as you can imagine, a piano is not the most transportable item, and you need to take particular care to protect its sensitive inner workings. What is the best way to address this move?


Much will depend on the type of piano that you have. If you own a grand piano, you've certainly got a major task ahead of you and will need to dismantle it before you can go ahead.

The first thing to come off is the lid, and you need plenty of help just to deal with this part. If you don't do this carefully, it could easily slam down onto the soundboard with unpleasant results. You also need to remove the legs, and when you consider that these instruments can weigh up to 544 kg, you definitely need extra pairs of hands to complete this job.

No Surprises

Hopefully, you will have already measured the size of the instrument (even when disassembled) to find out if it will fit into your new premises. Just because you got it into your current house does not automatically mean that you can manoeuvre a tight stairwell at the other end.


Assuming that you can go ahead, the complete upright or the body of the grand should be wrapped in bubble wrap or blankets, with extra cushioning over the soundboard and other sensitive internal areas.

Moving Slowly

Usually, the best way to transport is to use a dolly and straps. Roll the instrument wherever you can but when you come to a staircase or other obstacle, use professional lifting straps and a lot of care. You cannot rush this part of the process if you want your piano to emerge at the other end in good shape.

On-Board Safety

When you finally get to the moving van, it's best if you place heavy items like this right at the front. Put extra padding on every side and hold everything in place with other large items of soft-sided furniture, such as a bed or mattress.

The Better Approach

As you can see, this is definitely not a job for the fainthearted, and while you may find it difficult to give this task over to somebody else, don't be afraid. Professional movers are used to dealing with pianos, whether upright or grand, and will take tremendous care to move your pride and joy to its new home.

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