Three Essential Reasons to Hire Storage Space When Restumping Your Home

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Three Essential Reasons to Hire Storage Space When Restumping Your Home

21 October 2022
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If your home is older, there's a good chance its stumps are made of timber. Over time, these stumps can rot, making your home unstable. In that case, restumping may be necessary. This process involves replacing or repairing these stumps, which is a job best left to the professionals. 

While restumping may seem like a big and expensive job, it's a reasonably straightforward process. The first step is excavating around your home's perimeter to expose the stumps. Once the stumps are exposed, they can be repaired or replaced.

As you may have surmised, restumping is a precision job that requires machinery and involves the messy teardown of floorboards to access the stumps. Therefore, as a homeowner, it is prudent to ensure you hire storage space for your belongings. Here are a few reasons why this is essential.

Protect your belongings from damage

Restumping can be intricate and disruptive. As a result, your belongings may be exposed to dust, mud and wood particles, among other contaminants that are difficult to remove. Furthermore, fragile items, such as vases and glass-framed pictures, are likely to break as the restumping process takes place.

While you could move these belongings to a separate room with fewer disturbances, the safer option is to hire a storage area to preserve your valuable possessions. Keeping them in a storage space means they'll be out of the way and safe from any potential harm.

Establish an orderly workspace

Another critical reason to keep your belongings in storage during restumping is to create a clean and clutter-free work environment. This is essential as it allows the restumping contractors to move around freely without worrying about damaging your belongings. It will also be easier to clean up afterwards.

Moreover, a clean and organised workspace is crucial for the safety of the workers and your belongings. It also helps the workers stay focused and complete the job efficiently and effectively.

Save money and speed up the restumping process

If you choose to keep your belongings in storage during restumping, it will help you save money in the long run. This is because you won't have to spend money repairing or replacing damaged items.

In addition, decluttering your home will make the restumping process quicker and easier. When your restumping contractor has to move your belongings around when working, it wastes valuable working time. That time has a financial cost to you.

Moving your property to a storage space enables the contractor to work faster, more efficiently and unhindered, which helps you save on labour costs.

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