Are You Moving For The First Time? All You Need To Know About Removal Services

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Are You Moving For The First Time? All You Need To Know About Removal Services

17 February 2023
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Are you moving for the first time? If you have, friends and family could have recommended using removal services. However, where do you start? Below are some insights to help you when engaging removal services for the first time. 

Rely On Reviews 

There are numerous removal companies in Australia. As a new client, you might not have criteria to help determine a suitable removalist. The secret is to ask friends and family to recommend removalists based on their experiences. Moreover, check the social media and Google My Business pages of the recommended removalists to check how other clients rate their services. You should also ensure your preferred removalist has a licence to move household items from your home to new premises. Finally, you must make sure the professional has a membership in a professional association. These organisations compel members to offer quality services and help settle client-removalist disputes. 

Consider Removalists That Offer Comprehensive Services

Given that you have not previously used removal services, you might not know what to expect once you hire a removalist. Nevertheless, the professional should offer the following services:

  • Safely packing your household items to prevent damage during transit. For instance, the professional could use bubble wrap to protect fragile electronics.
  • Loading your items into a removals truck and transporting them to your new premises.
  • Unloading the items and arranging them according to your specifications.
  • Insuring your items to ensure compensation in case some suffer damages during the move. 

Take Advantage Of Additional Services

Experienced removalists offer additional services not included in the basic removal package or standard quote. It allows them to personalise their services and ensure their clients enjoy a stress-free move. For instance, some removalists help you move bulky items such as grand pianos or classic vehicles in your garage. The professional could also organise storage services in your new residence. For example, you might want to store some items in a storage unit to keep your new home decluttered.

Ask For A Comprehensive Quote 

Once you consult the removalist, they will ask you to pay a deposit based on their rough estimate. However, you are bound to make changes in the removal plan that could affect the initial quote. For example, you might change the removals date or ask for extra services. As a golden rule, you should ask for a comprehensive quote a few days before the move. It helps prevent surprises before the moving day. Besides, it ensures you have an easy time negotiating the removal quote.  

For more information about removals, contact a local company.