Ways to Help Furniture Removalists Be More Efficient During a House Relocation

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Ways to Help Furniture Removalists Be More Efficient During a House Relocation

11 August 2023
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Often, furniture removalists charge by the hour, so it pays to ensure that your house relocation goes as speedily as possible. While lifting and loading the furniture onto the truck is in the hands of the company you hire, you can do things to help them get the job done quickly and efficiently. Here are some of them.


Be prepared and organised so the removalists have clear pathways and smaller stuff isn't scattered everywhere. This is important not only to get the job done quicker but also to avoid accidents and damage. If you have a lot of clutter, they could trip and be injured, your furniture could be damaged, or at the very least, they will waste time pushing things out of the way.

Disassembling Furniture

Another way to speed up the house relocation process is to disassemble furniture. This will make the furniture easier to manoeuvre around tight spots such as stairways and doorways. While a table can be unwieldy with attached legs because it is both high and wide, without the legs, it becomes a flat panel of wood or other material. You can tie the legs neatly into a bundle, making them easy to carry. This will also help the removalist pack the truck compactly, as the table top can be slotted into a narrow space rather than taking up a chunk of space. Removing legs from beds as well as separating the bedhead will similarly help.

Parking Space

You can also help the relocation go faster by planning where the removalist will park their truck. Imagine them arriving only to waste time driving around and not finding a park directly out front. To avoid this scenario, you could plant your car to hold the space or let neighbours know you're moving if they can help.

If the removalist can park on your driveway, ensure that overhanging branches are trimmed and obstacles are removed so the truck can fit, keeping in mind that it will be higher and wider than a car.

Clear Communication

Clear communication is also crucial for a quick-moving process. Warn the furniture removalist of delicate furniture pieces so they can take care to avoid damage. You can also provide them with a floor plan for your new house, letting them unload the truck faster without needing instructions at each turn. Giving them this plan and a furniture inventory will also free up your time during the move. Additionally, if you have concerns, voice them clearly and politely so everyone can be on the same page and work together.

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