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Moving with horses

Our horses are such an important part of our lifestyle and our family. We are moving next year for my husband's work and one of the most stressful aspects is organising the horse transport. We've done this before and it always turns out okay, but it doesn't make the next time any easier. We can replace our furniture if it gets lost or broken, but our horses are part of our family. This blog is all about organising large animal transport across state lines and has a range of tips to make the process as not stressful as possible for both the animals and the owners.


Packing Your Electronics Before You Move

26 September 2018
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As opposed to family pictures and sophisticated antiques, electronics might not seem important to need special care when storing your items. While it is true that TV sets, laptops, and gaming consoles come with plastic cases to protect them from getting damaged, cold, heat, dust and humidity are many factors that can cause havoc on electronic parts. Therefore, electronics also need to be packed and stored well, especially when you are moving to a new place with removalists. Read More …

Two tips for people who find moving house very stressful

30 April 2018
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If you are moving house soon and are concerned about how stressful this experience is going to be, here are a few tips that should help to make the moving process a little less mentally and emotionally taxing. Hire some professional removalists If you want to keep your stress levels as low as possible throughout the moving process, you should consider hiring some residential removalists to help you. Having a team of highly efficient, skilled removalists by your side will drastically increase the speed with which your belongings are transported to your new home (as the removalists will have a van which is large enough to transport all of your belongings in one trip) and will also minimise the risk of any of your possessions sustaining damage (as experienced residential removalists know exactly how to handle and transport fragile goods without breaking them). Read More …

Keep Your Moving and Storage Costs Affordable Using These 4 Tips

26 February 2018
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The cost of moving from one home to another in a different location can be expensive if you don't know the tricks and tips that experienced people use to cut their costs. This article shares some of those insider tips that you can use to reduce how much you spend during the removals process. Pick the Date Carefully Each industry, including the removals and storage industry, has its peak and off-peak seasons. Read More …

2 Things You Should Know About Motorcycle Storage

26 December 2017
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You will probably need to think about storage for your bike during work or leisure travel or in the winter. If you don't have space in your home, alternative storage solutions can come in handy. Finding the right storage unit and preparing your motorcycle for long-term storage is pivotal to ensuring your bike remains in good condition. Read on to learn more.  1. Choosing a storage unit Motorcycles should not be stored outside for long periods; the leather and paint can get damaged in sun, while moisture can cause rusting in various parts. Read More …

Planning for your move

8 August 2017
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Moving house requires planning and preparation, but it doesn't have to be unmanageable. By creating a plan early in the process and recognising where you need to enlist outside help, you can cut down on the stress and lost time of moving.  Finding a moving firm Choosing a removal company should begin as early as possible in your moving process. The earlier you begin, the more availability your mover will have and the more flexible you'll be able to be about your move date. Read More …