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Moving with horses

Our horses are such an important part of our lifestyle and our family. We are moving next year for my husband's work and one of the most stressful aspects is organising the horse transport. We've done this before and it always turns out okay, but it doesn't make the next time any easier. We can replace our furniture if it gets lost or broken, but our horses are part of our family. This blog is all about organising large animal transport across state lines and has a range of tips to make the process as not stressful as possible for both the animals and the owners.


The Safest Way To Pack Your Prized Posessions

6 October 2016
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Moving home is stressful enough all by itself without having to worry about whether or not all your possessions are going to make the trip intact. If you own something that's both highly delicate and also highly important to you, you're probably wondering how to pack it safely so that the removalists can transport it with ease--so read on to find out. Mirrors and Glass Panels Anything large, flat and brittle needs something against the delicate surface to protect it from bangs and knocks. Read More …

Packing Tips for Your Next Moving Day

3 October 2016
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Moving day is usually stressful for anyone or any family, and leaving the packing to the last minute without any preplanning can make it even more difficult. Packing may be a big job, but you can make it easier on you and everyone in the family if you consider just a few simple tips; these will help you stay organized during your move and ensure everything you pack is protected from damage. Read More …

No Crane? No Forklift? No Winch? No Problem: Moving a Shipping Container Without a Lot of Equipment

1 August 2016
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Need to move a shipping container? Worried about the expense of hiring a forklift or a crane to move it? Not sure how winches work? Luckily, you don't need any of those things. With a tilt-up trailer and a couple of other basic supplies, you can easily move a shipping container without a crane or forklift. Here's what you need: 1. Tilt-up trailer Ultimately, you are going to use the tilt-up trailer to wedge the shipping container up and onto the trailer. Read More …

Tips for Packing Up Fragile Items for a House Move

25 May 2016
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Not many people relish the thought of preparing for a house move; packing up and transporting every single item you own can be both stressful and time-consuming. This is especially true for those who own a great deal of fragile goods, as extra care needs to be taken with these to protect them from damage during the moving process. There are however steps which can be taken to make this experience a little easier. Read More …

Tips for Storing Your Tax Documents

28 January 2016
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You have to store your tax records for at least five years after your filing date. If you own a business, you may have a lot of records, and if you don't have room to store them at your home or office, you may need to hire a storage unit for them. To help you protect them while they are in storage, take a look at these tips: Storing Paper Documents Read More …