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Our horses are such an important part of our lifestyle and our family. We are moving next year for my husband's work and one of the most stressful aspects is organising the horse transport. We've done this before and it always turns out okay, but it doesn't make the next time any easier. We can replace our furniture if it gets lost or broken, but our horses are part of our family. This blog is all about organising large animal transport across state lines and has a range of tips to make the process as not stressful as possible for both the animals and the owners.


Your Essential Checklist for Picking a Packing Supplies Provider

18 October 2019
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Are you in need of packing supplies for your next move? Whether you are moving house or office, gathering the right packing materials is essential for ensuring a successful move. If there are many different types of packing supplies businesses in your local area, you may be easily confused about which company to purchase your packing materials from. Here is an essential guide to help you select the right packing supplies provider. Read More …

Know When the Stumps Underneath Your Feet Are Failing and Act Fast

22 July 2019
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Many people spend the happiest moments and most peaceful time of their lives in their homes. A home should be a functional, comfortable, cosy and beautiful place, but this won't happen if the stumps underneath are deteriorated. The stumps often get weak due to inevitable natural forces. If you are moving to another house, find out whether the underneath stumps of that house are in good condition so that you don't compromise your safety. Read More …

How to Avoid Hurting Your Back on Moving Day

21 March 2019
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If you've had problems with your back in the past, then you'll be keen to avoid hurting it again. If you're about to move home, then you know that you need to take extra care on the day of your move. There's a lot of ways you could hurt your back. To keep yourself as safe as possible, take extra care on the day. The following tips may be helpful. Read More …

Useful Tips for Preparing and Organising Your Move

12 December 2018
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If you are planning on moving house, it is never too soon to start preparing. Organising your move is an important part of the process, as it helps you keep all important documents together, get packing done in an orderly fashion and ensure everything is complete by the time the removalists show up. Here are some tips for organising your move. Keep all packaging items in one room When you are starting to pack up boxes, it can be frustrating when you are spending half your time searching for an empty box or the packing tape. Read More …

Packing Your Electronics Before You Move

26 September 2018
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As opposed to family pictures and sophisticated antiques, electronics might not seem important to need special care when storing your items. While it is true that TV sets, laptops, and gaming consoles come with plastic cases to protect them from getting damaged, cold, heat, dust and humidity are many factors that can cause havoc on electronic parts. Therefore, electronics also need to be packed and stored well, especially when you are moving to a new place with removalists. Read More …